Thursday, November 1, 2007


As of tomorrow, we will have been here in Arizona for four weeks. These weeks have been both relaxing and hectic at the same time. Here are some reflections that I have been pondering this week as I think back.

God has been incredibly good.
For those of you who know about the past year of our lives you know we have taken some steps of faith that have been very scary at times. Because of these steps, my trust in the Lord has been challenged and has grown. I love to look back and reflect on the little things that the Lord has provided for us like doctor visits, medication, fillings etc. We have been blessed, many times by strangers.

We have been brought to a place filled with incredible people.
I have met some amazing people this past month. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly as we have been trying to figure out all of these new things that we are experiencing. I feel more at home in this church than I have felt in many years. The pastoral staff and their wives especially have blessed us by their friendship and care. We are so excited and grateful to be here, serving alongside people who deeply care about each other and who live to serve their Lord.

I miss having dear friends around me that truly know me.
It has been a long time since I have been in a place where I did not have good friends around me. The last time might be when I moved to England by myself right after high school. I have definitely realized that I love having good girl friends. Friends that know me and allow me to truly know them. I miss you guys. Christi, thanks for the chat the other night, I miss those talks. Thanks for calling me that night, I really needed it. Meagan, thanks for befriending me in England, I reflect on this time a lot because I remember that never in a million years would I have imagined that I would have met as good of friend as you when I moved there. This gives me hope that the Lord will provide friends around me even when I am not looking for them. Amanda, I miss ya sis! I know that our sistership/friendship has been through a lot in the last few years, by now we seem to be used to saying goodbye and living far apart! Erin, thanks for always making me laugh and for reminding me that I can persevere through anything. Watching you these past few years has taught me this.

Being the wife of a Youth Pastor is hard.
I have reflected a lot over the past month about my role as Joel's wife and his partner in life and ministry. When I was young and thinking about what I wanted to be "when I grew up" I only thought it would be fun to be a youth pastors wife. I am not sure I fully realized what goes along with this role. The past month he has poured himself into his new position. He is constantly thinking and breathing ministry, I love this about him. He is incredibly passionate about Jr High students. I love watching him get to know these students and giving them everything that he has. As a result I have been alone a lot this past month. I actually do ok being alone and having time to myself. But I have noticed that it is so hard to get up in the morning when I do not have a plan and purpose for the day. But as I said at the beginning, I know that God is good. He has brought us here and he will provide the perfect job for me.

Having mentors in life is extremely helpful.
Being down here with Mark and Candace has been really fun. It has been so nice to have their advice and support as we walk through some of these ministry experiences that we are not as familiar with. I laugh sometimes when I think about how life has turned out. I never would have imagined at the age of 11, that I would be married to a youth pastor who would be working side by side with Mark, a man who has impacted my life in big ways. And that I would have Candace nearby to continue to teach me things and giving me her wisdom about so many things in life. They have known me for half of my life. I think that that is funny. I know they have great stories about me in Junior High, so I try never to get on their bad side!

I guess I just wanted to take a few minutes today to reflect. I won't pretend that this last month has been easy, it has not. But I think about the last year and remember all the things that God has done to lead us to this place. Ministry is hard, being the wife of someone in full time ministry is hard. I have had to be independent and confident, adventurous and patient. But I would not trade the last month for anything. I truly believe we are in the place where we are supposed to be. Daily I hold onto to the fact that God is good and true. He is faithful and loving to His children.


  1. Katie
    Thanks for sharing. It's great to hear what you think and I think you're awesome. I think that it would be awesome to live by somebody who has known you for a long time and just be able to get advise from them.

  2. peggy says you are so sweet and it was so good to see you this past week. Thanks for sharing in my life I think of you ofter