Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tales of a carpooler and other thoughts!

Well, I just finished working my first week at Food for the Hungry. I am only working three days a week, and I have to tell you, this may be the best decision I ever made! It is Thursday morning and I am sitting at home, being lazy. Later on I will go grocery shopping, run other errands and clean my house, but right now, laziness!

So I am officially a carpooler... I carpool to work with two guys that also work at Food for the Hungry. They both live under 10 minutes away from me, so we all meet at one guys house and take turns driving in. It is quite entertaining, let me tell you. It is great because when it would normally take me at least an hour to get from Mesa to down town Phoenix with the carpool lane it takes us a max of about a half an hour. I love carpool lanes. Here in Phoenix police are pretty serious about carpool lanes and not abusing them, so just a heads up, don't try to cheat in this area. Last week I saw four cops pull over four different people who were illegally using the carpool lane. They drive in the emergency lane on the left hand side of the carpool lane and look in everyones car to make sure there are more than 2 people. Don't try to cheat, the fine is $365!

In case you were wondering, Wednesday is officially "carpool day" in Phoenix, I also noticed that some other cities around the nation also believe that Wednesday is the official carpool day. The two guys that I carpool with and I believe that Wednesday is the official carpool day because "Carpoolers" is on ABC on Tuesday night and therefore it is the hope that people will be inspired by this show to carpool. Let me tell you, it is actually quite fun, so if you have not tried carpooling and you have a long commute to work in the morning, you should try it! Also, you are saving gas, money and you are helping the world by keeping extra car emissions out of the air and are therefore doing your small part to save this world! I am serious.

I have never been so floored at the incredible disregard that we humans have to this! I came from a city where we recycle everything and everyone rides their bike or uses public transit. I am shocked down here in Phoenix, it is actually really inconvenient to recycle! I know, all of you people here in Mesa that call me "granola" I admit it. I am a strange site down here amidst people that just don't care. I am trying to do my part in helping change this complete disregard for the environment. I take my canvas bags to Walmart and make them bag my groceries in them. I cannot stand that some checkers at Walmart put one item in one bag! It put me over the top! Ok, now I am just ranting! I am sorry, but all of you fellow granola's in the northwest, I am trying my best down here, just know that the concern that the northwest, Portland in particular have for the environment is not true of the rest of the country! To my Portland friends, keep up being granola! I miss all you organic, liberal, and environmental people!


  1. ah, can be such an interesting experience. i carpooled with this crazy driver while i went to uw-tacoma...he had a "laser jammer" which supposedly blocked police from being able to detect his usually took us 15 minutes to get from olympia to that math out in your head :o]

    one time, he decided it would be fun to drive over 100 mph on the freeway, and we were quickly approaching nearly stopped traffic...i think my life literally flashed before my eyes...and yet, i continued!

    see, that is MY dedication to saving the environment :o]

    glad to hear that work is fabulous...have a good weekend!

  2. I think God must have sent you to AZ, not only to be light in the darkness, but also be be "green" among the "brown"... We only call you granola because we are jealous and secretly want to be green as well :-)

  3. go greener go!!! preach it! =)

  4. I'd rather have it be inconvenient to recycle than inconvenient to own a gun