Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We are all connected

It seems that I can't go a day without the strong urge to browse Facebook. There are all these silly applications you can download to customize your profile--like Scrabulous, Fight Club, Ninja vs Pirates, Movies, etc. I love finding old friends and seeing what they're up to. I love sending random encouraging messages or "poking" people.

Why is this so addicting?

I'm starting to notice a cultural trend that has been steadily progressing. Our culture is fascinated with connections. Movies like Magnolia, Crash, and Babel are nominated for Oscars. TV shows like Lost and Heroes are huge hits (though Six Degrees and The Nine bombed). Websites like Facebook, MySpace, and Second Life allow people all across the world to connect with one another via the Internet.

One of the best descriptions I ever heard about the human condition was from a college prof at Multnomah. He said that in Genesis 3, the real curse was a loss of relationship, a loss of connection. We cannot make healthy connections any more--with other people, creation, God. Sin makes the connection incomplete.

The beauty of the Gospel is that Jesus restores connection--connection to God, connection to creation, connection in human relationships.

Perhaps this is why we are so drawn to these websites and stories. We are trying to heal the wound of sin in our connections. We are drawn to stories that show others making connections. We love making new connections with others, however shallow or brief. We love to see how it all ties in. I wonder who is doing the tying.

It's been 15 minutes...time to go back and check my Facebook inbox!


  1. great insight... i think you nailed on the head our addiction as a society to "connect"... and it makes me wonder why, as a follower of christ, i dont always feel the overwhelming need to connect with Him?

    thanks for the thoughts...


  2. the ability to connect with other human beings on a deep level is one of the most beautiful things. I think you nailed the fact that our connections were broken and are now being restored through Christ. I posted a quote on my blog from a lady talking about the human need for relationships. Our ability to have intimacy with others shows that we are truly created in the image of God.

  3. mark and victor-
    Thanks for adding your insights to the conversation!