Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Wednesday night recap

So while teaching tonight about John 4, where Jesus has a conversation with a Samaritan woman at a well, I may have used the phrases "shacked up" and "slutty" in my description of the Samaritan woman.

We'll see if that gets any harsh feedback. :)

Actually, for an evening filled with technical difficulties--like my wireless mike blowing out in the first 30 seconds of teaching, or Powerpoints going haywire, or the projectors and TV screens crapping out--it was a solid evening. I taught without a mike, which can be difficult with a large group of junior high students. But it honestly seemed to work better! Students were genuinely engaged, probably because I had to walk off-stage and actually talk with them almost face-to-face. That closeness and authenticity probably rocked them. The last two songs of worship were the best I've experienced so far at Red Mountain. And Gus the Intern rocked in leading the opening game. Overall, a good evening.

I've got to brag on a seventh grader, Colton Meo. We just began a building campaign at the church, and I encouraged the students to be a part of our body and do their part. Colton definitely brought a dollar tonight for the building fund without prompting. That rocks. Seeing a junior higher give sacrificially is a pretty cool thing. I'm praying more students can follow the example he has set!

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