Thursday, December 13, 2007

Horse Play

After a solid youth group last night--despite my brief lack of confidence in my teaching--Mark, Brady the worship intern, and TJ the sophomore all went out to Tempe to enjoy over an hour of Derby Owner's Club.

DOC is an arcade simulation game that centers around breeding and racing horses. You get to breed a horse, train a horse, feed a horse, and race a horse. It sounds incredibly geeky--and it is--but it is surprisingly fun. It's especially fun when it's just a bunch of guys you know all racing one another's horses. (I bred a nice little chocolate brown filly, aptly named "Poopface," who won the final two races)

Good times hanging out with some of the guys I serve with at our church. So often all my time gets spent preparing and serving with these guys, it's refreshing to take some time to have a fun shared experience. Leaders who play together can better serve together.

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