Thursday, December 6, 2007

An encouraging Wednesday Night

Last night's junior high youth gathering just felt good. The time of the fellowship and game at the beginning was good, and the students seemed to genuinely have a good time. Worship was good, with lots of students choosing to participate (and those not participating did their best to not be a distraction to others). My teaching felt good, even though I was sharing some pretty deep and new concepts with the students. I talked about what it means to be missional, about viewing ourselves as "sent ones" to partner with God and His mission here on earth (as opposed to missions being about paid overseas professionals). I taught for over 30 minutes, and while the students got a little distracted near the end, they were tracking with me the entire time. Very encouraging night!

God is a very good God, and I'm excited to see how God shapes this group of students this year.

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