Friday, December 14, 2007

Film Frustrations

Last week, Katie and I wanted to go see the film Atonement, which was a fantastic film. But it's one of those independent films. In Portland, these kinds of films would be easily found at most of the major theaters in town, and definitely at Fox Tower in downtown. It turns out that in the entire Phoenix area, comprising of a few million people and a few dozen theaters, there is only ONE theater that is playing Atonement.

This week, one of the films I've been eagerly anticipating is in wide release. Juno, a film directed by the same guy from Thank You for Smoking, is a comedy-drama in the same vein as Little Miss Sunshine that revolves around a pregnant teenage girl. This film--which has some significant Oscar-buzz surrounding it--is playing in (the same) ONE theater in the entire Phoenix metropolitan area. While Mesa, AZ has about a dozen theaters--we have a huge Harkins theater less than 5 minutes from our home--none of these theaters is playing Juno.

This one theater is a tiny rundown Harkins theater located in Scottsdale near the Fashion Square mall. It's about 45 minutes from our home in Mesa, but it's our only option if we want to see a decent movie in theaters. It's also pretty small, and since it's the only theater playing these films, it's probably going to be packed out. (there was a line out the door at 1:00 in the afternoon for Atonement last weekend!) This is a small thing, but it makes me miss Portland a great deal.

Call me a movie snob, but someone in Phoenix should open another theater that plays decent independent and foreign films. If such a theater exists, I would love to know about it! I'm going to brave the holiday traffic and attempt to see Juno this weekend!


  1. Last weekend, Juno was in 7 theatres and all of them were in L.A. and NYC. This weekend, they reach 40 theatres and Pacific Place in Seattle has two prints. I have been anticipating this movie more than anyone and we are planning on going up there to see it tonight. By Christmas, Juno should be in 400-500 theatres and will no doubt be closer to your home, but you don't really wanna wait that long, now do you?

  2. I just saw it, and it was excellent. One of the best films I've seen this year.