Friday, December 7, 2007

Look a likes...

A strange thing has happened since we moved to Arizona. I have been told more times in the last two months than ever in the rest of my life that I look like someone. The funny thing is that it is never the same person that I look like. One time it was another girl in the church, another it was someone's childhood best friend, yesterday at Sprout's (a really cool organic, Portland like grocery store) the checkout lady told me I looked like some famous model. The funny part was that she could not remember the models name or even what she modeled for. She looked at my id for an extra long time, I think trying to decide whether or not I was really this famous model. Anyway, the awkward situation ended by me standing there nodding and smiling and having no idea who she was talking about. I was just praying that she would hit the button to finish the transaction quickly (you know the button that they hit after you swipe your debit card and put in your pin) so that everyone that was around us and had been drawn into the conversation would stop looking at me intently trying to decide if the checkout lady was right, or if they could think of the models name. I have come to a conclusion, either I am an incredibly common looking person and therefore it is possible that I look like all of these people (literally at least once a week if not more, I am told that I look like someone), or Arizonians just like to tell people that they look like their long lost best friends mom's aunts daughter or whoever they think I look like today!


  1. Back in high school, after church service, me, Worm, and Juan went to Redmond to watch Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon because it was one of the only theatres playing it at the time. We arrived a little too early for the show, so we wandered around the area. We ran into (almost literally) three guys who all had the same looks and builds as the three of us. They were our bizarros. From there on out, everywhere we looked, we saw bizarro versions of people we knew. To this day, I still believe that Redmond is the bizarro of Federal Way.

  2. just to let you know. i know noone else who looks like you. but maybe that's because i have known you for a few years?? =)