Friday, December 28, 2007

A Quirky Observation

I've been noticing in recent weeks that our blog can be a bit confusing. Our blog is called "The Mayward Blog," indicating that it is written by--and for--Maywards of all kinds. But the URL is This is the confusing part. The Mayward Blog has two authors--Joel and Katie Mayward. But in a moment of pure selfish ambition, I created the URL in my name only.

The confusion for some folks occurs when Katie writes a post on the blog. At times, it takes people a moment to realize who exactly has written the post (especially this post), because the author's name is in tiny letters at the bottom. The vast majority of posts are my own, mostly because I have more opportunities to write throughout the day. Thus, when Katie happens to write a post, she can be confused for me. So for all our readers: make sure to check who's writing what! :)

Katie has forgiven me for naming our blog after myself. And be sure to read all that Katie writes, she's amazing!

This post was written by Joel.


  1. Katie is amazing, and cool.

  2. I'm a Mayward.....Does that mean I get to blog to? Haha...

  3. Andrew- I fully agree.

    Liz- Of course you can blog! Blogger has amazingly simple tools to get "The Liz Blog" started.

  4. katie is pretty fabulous...

    i think the big distinguishing factor is that she blogs in a different font than you do...that's what makes it obvious for me...

  5. Awe...But i wanna be part of the most coolest blog titled "The Mayward Blog"! Well, at least until I get married...I guess at that point I'd be kicked out

  6. Andrea- Thank you for noticing! Yes, we use strikingly different fonts and have very distinct writing styles...but that still leaves some folks confused.