Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Recent Reflections

I was just reading through some of the first posts on this blog from this past summer. It got me into a nostalgic mood, reflecting upon where God has led me this past year. Six months ago, I was transitioning out of a ministry position at a church in Portland, OR. Now I'm leading a new ministry at a thriving church in Arizona. Katie was working full-time in a stressful position at a small non-profit. Now she is working part-time at a very cool, very large non-profit in Phoenix. It is strange to think about how quickly this has all come about.

It's not that our life is necessarily better. It is simply different. We have simply experienced a great deal of change in a very short amount of time. Mesa is very different than Portland. Red Mountain Community Church is very different than Hinson Church. Food for the Hungry is very different than All God's Children Intl.

I take back what I just typed. I think our life is better in one important way: God is leading us, and we are increasingly learning to be faithful and obedient to His leading in our lives. I'm not sure I could have said that even a year ago. We have learned a great deal about taking some big steps of faith and watching God take care of us. It's a humbling way to live.


  1. joel... you are so wise... diffent, with God leading is good, and it gets better with every challenge and opportunity that you let Him lead you through... although we dont know you directly... we rejoice with you both, at his guiding these last 6 months... God bless...

  2. different...lol... dont know why it came up anonymous... i clicked the millers... just to let you know...

  3. I forgive you for trying to be anonymous, Millers. Thanks for your support!