Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas in the Mayward house

Since it is just a few days before Christmas I thought that I would write a Christmas post. This Christmas has been and will be very different for us here in the Mayward household, for example:
1) It is sunny outside with no chance of rain or snow!
2) Christmas trees are more expensive and they are already dried out and don't last very long from the moment that you buy them.
3)It was hard to listen to Christmas music in November when it was still 80 degrees out.
4) I (Katie) will not see my family this year for Christmas and this has been very difficult for me, in fact all five of us will be in five different places.

We received a package a few days ago from my mother and it contained branches from noble fir trees that are in my yard at home! They smelled heavenly and I have used them to decorate my house! Below is an example! I have to admit that I am not a wreath maker and therefore I just did some basic decorating. It was just a little bit of home and I was very thankful for it. She also sent us other great gifts!

We also received a package today from my sister, this was a surprise because I had not been told that it was coming! We opened it up and were overcome with excitement! Inside was lemon bread, my favorite holiday treat that my mother has made through out the years and now my sister is making it as well! There were also some earrings from my sister that are just perfect for me (she knows me well) as well as a journal from Powell's Books, our favorite and largest independent bookstore in Portland. She also got Joel some old classic books from Powell's. The final and best part of the package was rolled up at the bottom of the box. As we unrolled the tissue paper it revealed the most amazing site for Joel! Three bottles of beer from Joel's most favorite brewery, Bridgeport Brewing Company. They are made right in the heart of Portland and very near to where we used to live! They also have a great restaurant that we enjoyed often! My sister was even thoughtful enough to throw in some Bridgeport coasters! Below is a picture of the exciting goods!

We also decided to get a tree this year. I had fought this for awhile because I was just not in the mood for Christmas this year. But finally, the spirit of Christmas caught up with me and we went and got a tree.
Essentially this holiday season has been very up and down. We are excited to have Joel's parents here, but for me it will be hard not seeing my family. I have reflected a lot on old family traditions and which ones I wish to keep for my own family. I miss the days of decorating the tree and then turning off all of the lights and listening to a record of Frank Sinatra's Christmas music or sometimes Nat King Cole. We would sit there on the couch and then eventually we would all start dancing. Dancing with my dad on those nights is something I will never forget. On Christmas day we will be watching "White Christmas", this and the movie "Holiday Inn" are family classics. I will miss the burlap bags this year that were our stockings. They were always the greatest part of Christmas. It is hard thinking back through all these memories, but it reminds me that I had a great childhood and how much I love Christmas!


  1. It is true. We are all in different places. I enjoyed reading about all your Christmas doings and was quite envious of the lemon bread and bridgeport. There arn't any good beers in Hawaii. I look forward to seeing you soon. Love ya.

    By the way my security word for posting this comment was DERSUM. It looked cool so I reference.comed it.

    Dersum is a municipality in the Emsland district, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It lies between the River Ems in the east and the border with the Netherlands in the west. Haren is about 24 kilometers to the south and Papenburg about 17 kilometres to the north east.

  2. that's all so fabulous...and your tree is adorable!

    merry christmas!!!


    p.s. don't ask why i'm up at 2:47am writing this has something to do with in-laws and christmas morning breakfast at our house...oh the!