Monday, December 17, 2007

A Transformed Christmas Shindig

I'm preparing for our junior high end-of-the-year Christmas celebration, which we have named Transformed. It's one part Christmas celebration and one part worship gathering. We'll have a few giveaway gifts and possibly a Christmas-themed activity of some sort. But mostly, we hope it will be a night where we can sing worship songs to God and reflect on who Jesus is. Brady the intern is hard at work bringing together a solid worship band--with me on the drums!--and compiling some sweet Christmas music.

The hardest part at the moment is figuring out good gifts for our giveaway. We can't seem to find cool-yet-affordable generic gifts that aren't gift cards. Gift cards are cool and all, but it's difficult to have a raffle-styled giveaway where people are just getting a different gift card. It ends up being a bunch of iTunes and Starbucks gift cards. This is making me less and less excited about big gift exchanges and shopping, and more and more excited about things like this.

What could a junior high student possibly want that costs less than $40, would be good for both guys and girls, and isn't a gift card? Feel free to answer this question in the comments!


  1. Movie Night Buckets! I have a DVD player I can give you for free too. Box hasn't been opened yet! Same as mom and dad's at their house...I won it and don't need it! Let me know! :)

  2. I just clicked the link of stuff your excited for. Are you wanting the gifts to be more geared that direction? In that case, you could give away sponsoring a child that needs it..

  3. Liz-
    I'm more excited about the concept of Advent Conspiracy and the values it stems from. Thanks for the ideas!