Monday, January 14, 2008

Africa.. here they come!

My mom and sister leave for Africa today! Be sure to check out my sisters blog for updates through out the next five weeks that they are there. My sister lived in Uganda for four months after college and they are returning to visit the people that she came to love while she was there! They will be in the little city on this map called Mbale!

Pray for them and their safety, there have been some outbreaks of Ebola, and of course the fighting in Kenya that is spilling refugees into Uganda. This fighting has also caused a lack of electricity and therefore they will probably be with out electricity most of the time they are there. Also, malaria is a constant issue. My sister had malaria twice when she was there two years ago. Pray that the mosquitoes would stay away from them! I am so proud of my sister and mom for taking this trip! I am a little jealous, but it was my choice not to go. Five weeks is a little long to be gone from Joel and my job! I know that there will be another opportunity!

Have fun mom and Manda!

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