Saturday, January 5, 2008

Back to Normal...kind of

It's back to a relatively normal schedule this next week!  I love the holidays and am thankful for a break.  But I'm eager to get back to get back to a regular schedule!  Plus, we've had lots of visitors recently--my parents, Katie's mom, and my favorite brother-in-law.  It's always fun--and a little crazy--to have your home filled with twice as many people (twice as many being "four" in our case).

I've been working on a new series for our Sunday mornings called "Upside Down."  We're talking about the kingdom of God and Jesus' upside-down teachings about seeking the kingdom.  I'm excited about this series; I'm hoping it opens up our students to seeing the Gospel of Jesus in brand new ways!  And I'm busy planning our winter retreat, Mosaic.  It's coming up in less than 3 weeks!  It's gonna be a busy "normal" this next month.

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