Thursday, January 3, 2008

An exciting day!

Flying is always adventurous for the Pratt family, because we fly standby (I don't anymore), you never know what is going to happen. My brother flew in this morning from Hawaii via Chicago and had pretty smooth sailing. My mom, who decided to buy a ticket because she didn't want to hassle with standby, has not yet arrived though she was due here in Phoenix a few hours ago. Her flight from San Fransisco to Phoenix was cancelled and so she had to be on a later flight. She is now on her way here, with my grandmother ironically! My grandmother, dad and mom all happened to be in the San Fransisco airport today on their way to different places and so they met up for lunch. The funny thing is that this is not the first time this has happened. I remember a few times that I have met up with my dad in an airport for a meal, afterwards, he goes one way and I go the other! The Pratt's love to fly and we love to travel, so there are always some funny stories that go with it! I am excited that my brother is here and we are going to go pick up my mom and grandmother (who lives in Mesa) in a little while and then we will hopefully have dinner at our place tonight! 

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  1. yeah- i am so excited for you to have your family in town!!! now you can really live it up =). see you soon. i am ready for some sun!!! also, we are making a date with you guys (and meyers) to check out this pizza place in phx that we are long overdue to visit.

    you like my novel messages, huh?!