Thursday, January 24, 2008

Googling Results

The Mayward Blog had the most visitors to date yesterday. (I know this because I use Feedburner to track blog info for me).  And what, pray tell, would bring the most visitors at one time to this blog?

The Google search: "top 10 worst movies of 2007"

Yes, if you want to know what movies were really bad this past here, this blog is the place to go. I find it funny that this post is the most popular of all the posts thus far.

Other interesting searches that bring people to this blog: "Robot women," "crazed doctor," "movies for youth group," "danielson," "person dressed up as a tree," and my favorite, "squirrel pooping." 

How these searches bring people to this blog, I will never know.  Part of me wishes that some more meaningful searches would bring people here, such as "healthy youth ministry" or "thoughtful film insights." But another part of me is amused at the workings of the Internet and its capacity for the unexpected.

How did you find The Mayward Blog? What keeps you coming back?

1 comment:

  1. After all the lists I've done on my blog, I notice the same thing. Tons of people stumble upon my blog from searching for top movie lists, top music lists, top TV lists, etc.