Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gus the Intern

Recently, the junior high intern I work with, Gus, has been making fun of blogs (and me in general). So out of love for Gus, I told him I would include him in an upcoming blog.  Here it is: the
Gus the Intern Blog Post.

In a Nutshell: Gus is the youngest of about 17,000 children. He is very Hispanic/Latino/Mexican and proud of it. He likes soccer. He loves Ashley Tisdale. He enjoys wearing scarves around his neck, though he will deny this to anyone who asks. He enjoys the Juno soundtrack. He likes Superman. He enjoys eating at Filiberto's and Port of Subs. He is willing to do nearly anything you ask of him, including: be hit by a moving truck (twice); go dumpster diving; eat 3 enormous carne asada burritos in one sitting; drink milk until he throws up; wear women's makeup and scream incoherently for a youth group game.

Phrases that Gus uses often:
  • Absolutely!
  • Legit
  • I'm not gonna lie...
  • I'm just gonna toss this one out there...
  • I love Ashley Tisdale
Gus loves junior high students a lot, and I'm proud to have his working with me as the intern.


  1. That post was legit, I'm not gonna lie! Even though Gus lives in the past (had to throw that one out there) a little too much (Yeeeaaaahhh!) he is a dominating intern.

  2. Being a young adult male of 24, I did not who this Ashley Tisdale girl was. I clicked on the link you provided, and... I'm still not quite sure I know who she is. I looked at her filmography and was like "Oh! She was in Donnie Darko... credited as 'Kim, the Dorky girl'... I don't remember her." Of course, I don't really keep up with the shows/made-for-TV movies on The Disney Channel anymore these days.

    It was good to meet Gus the Intern though. May he have more success than that intern guy from the Jay Leno show.

  3. Cam-
    Miss Tisdale is best known for her role in "High School Musical" and "High School Musical 2." I did not know she was in Donnie Darko, which actually changes my perception of her. Gus plans on marrying Miss Tisdale, though I am not exactly sure how this will come about.

  4. High... School... Musical... oh, that's the one where they sing and dance while playing softball, right!? Yeah, didn't see it. >.>

  5. you know, i really liked your blog until i saw a picture of gus. i mean, he can't even remember my name for pete's sake. had to throw that one out there too.

  6. i know i need to meet you first... but GUS sounds like someone i would love to get to know...


  7. After reading this blog about ten times i have come to the conclusion that My Boss (Joel) has truly captured essence of Gus. Although i would have to say that both husband and wife can take thier stabs at me on here but when push comes to shove Mark is the big boss man and my youth pastor that i respect very much and Candace(Mama Staples) is an amazing inspration and helps me see what one day my future will be like when it comes to involvement in my ministry. Joel your Post was LEGIT beyond anything else I have read. But why that picture of me?

  8. Gus-
    This pictures captures the essence of The Kid (ie you). I fully support your mustache growth.

  9. Thanks Joel, someday I know I will be able to grow one.....