Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I Heart Intelligent Film Critics Who Love Jesus

Just added two new links to Christian movie critics in the "Links and Blogs" section. I've been reading Brett McCracken's blog for a few months now, and he has some very intelligent and thought-provoking insights about film and spirituality. Jeffrey Overstreet is a regular film critic for Christianity Today.

Love reading about the connections between faith and film! It's great to see an increase in intelligent film critics who have both a deep faith and a deep appreciation for creativity, art, and culture. They're not just blindly praising the "faith-based films" and condemning anything with an R-rating. They seek the truth and insights that come from the creative medium of film, all coming from the perspective of someone who loves Jesus.

Speaking of films, Katie and I are going to go see Enchanted today; it's one of the films that appears on Cameron's list of top movies of 2007! Happy new year!

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