Friday, January 11, 2008

A Joel and Katie day!

We established earlier this week that today (Friday) should be a Joel and Katie day. We have had family here to visit the past few weeks and though we loved having them here, it is always difficult when Joel and I don't get to spend time just the two of us for a few weeks. So today was a good day, we slept in and lounged around the house this morning and then we walked to Kokobelli's Bagel Cafe that is just up the street. We had been wanting to go and try this place out so we thought today was as good as any. Of course walking was a must. I have missed this about Portland, in Portland we walked most places that we went. The grocery store, the movie theater and the movie rental store, little shops and cafe's, our nearest Starbucks and even over the river to downtown and back.
Today was beautiful in Mesa, sunny and warm but not too warm. After we walked to Kokobelli's we walked through some neighborhoods that are just across the street from our apartments. We were slightly discouraged at the lack of sidewalks, even on major roads! This limited the places we felt comfortable walking, especially those roads that are 45 mph with no sidewalk. As we were walking back, we decided that we were going to go sit in a park and read, I couldn't be inside on such a beautiful day.
So we got home, grabbed our books and went to Red Mountain Park and sat by a man made lake reading our books. This kind of reminded me of Laurelhurst Park in Portland. I guess the similarities are that it was a park and there was a man made lake. There were no trees at this park though and instead of green and flowery it was quite brown. But we enjoyed ourselves anyway! I am reading a really good book I got at the library yesterday and I am almost done with it. I will write a book review when I am done, Joel is not the only one in this family that reads!
We came home and ate dinner and just got done playing some rousing games of Sorry and Scrabble! I only lost to Joel by five points! Those of you that know Joel and his abilities at Scrabble know that this is an accomplishment. I have to be honest though, he helped me a few times! =) Oh well.
Moral of the day? Taking time for just the two of us is important, we have some busy weeks ahead of us with a Jr. High retreat and some more family and friends coming to visit, so being intentional about our time together is priceless. I think I am going to go and suggest that we watch an old movie, maybe Roman Holiday, one of my Audrey Hepburn favorites!

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  1. Yay for dates!! We had a "Scott & Stefanie" afternoon/evening on Saturday!