Wednesday, January 2, 2008

One Weird New Year's Day

So yesterday, Katie and I had the day off for New Year's. We decided to go check out the film Enchanted, as I've been intrigued by the positive reviews of this seemingly cheesy film. We decided to walk to the movie theater, as it was a nice day and the nearest Harkins is about a 15 minute walk away. First showing of Enchanted: sold out. It was unbelievable that a 1:20 PM showing would be sold out. So I bought tickets for the 4:00 PM showing. This meant that we could wait around for 3 hours, or had to walk back home.

On our walk home, we were honked at by a passing SUV that apparently contained RMCC's children's director, Brian Baker. This was rather frightening. Thanks, Brian. :)

Then we went back to the theater to finally see Enchanted, only to have the fire alarm start sounding about 20 minutes into the film. We exited the theater with all the other confused people to see theater employees looking just as confused as us. It seemed there was no emergency, so they let us all back in without explanation and finished the film without further interruption.

As we were driving home and pulling into our apartment complex, Katie noticed a man kneeling close to the ground near our complex's entrance. Something didn't look right, so we went to check it out. Turns out an elderly man had fallen, banged himself up pretty good, and was struggling to stand up. Another young woman in our complex had stopped to help; while she called 911, I offered my sweatshirt to keep him warm in the cool night air and talked with him to calm him down. He couldn't seem to remember what had happened, though he knew his name and where he had worked for the past 25 years. The fire department soon came and helped him out.

Overall, a weird day indeed. It's not often that I walk to movie theaters, get honked at, have a fire drill, and help elderly people, all in one afternoon. Good times with Katie, though.

(And as for Enchanted, it was exactly that: enchanting. Perfect amount of tongue-in-cheek ironic humor. Disney cleverly embraced every princess movie stereotype without making it a farce. And Amy Adams is absolutely delightful as the song-happy naive princess.)


  1. That is a weird New Year's Day. Mine was filled with sleeping and shopping. Oh, and I had a craving for gummy bears, but I don't think that's abnormal for me. Glad to hear that you liked Enchanted though! I would say that it is the best Family Film of the year because Ratatouille might have been a little too advanced for them to follow.

  2. did they at least give you passes for the alarm?

  3. Jason-
    No passes. No explanation. Just confused looks. Probably not the best way of going about it.

    Yes, Enchanted was surprisingly good. Now I have to see Ratatouille!

  4. cool to hear you liked it. i have been wanting to see it- and lots of people were looking at me like i was crazy...but with the mayward movie approval i am good to go. i read that they hope it goes down in the disney archive as a classic someday.