Thursday, January 10, 2008

Some 2007 Movies I Missed

Recently I posted my top 10 movies for 2007, with a few on the bottom of the list that I hadn't seen yet.  Well, now I've seen a few more of 'em...and I want to add these to my list!

Ratatouille has some of the best animation ever put on the big screen.  Pixar definitely went all out; there were moments when I had to remind myself, "it's not really a kitchen; it's just a cartoon."  A really good cartoon.  With a great story and memorable characters, it's a fun film to watch.  Perhaps not as amazing as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, or The Incredibles, but a great movie nonetheless.

Eastern Promises is the second film I've seen from director David Cronenberg. The first was eXistenz, a sub-par science fiction film about a virtual reality video game; i.e. disappointing.  So when I read many positive reviews of Eastern Promises and its inclusion on numerous top movie lists from 2007, I was intrigued. The film gives a glimpse into the culture of the Russian mob in London.  It brings up some powerful moral questions without giving easy answers, causing the viewer to wrestle with what they're experiencing vicariously through the characters.  Viggo Mortensen gives an incredible performance as Nikolai, a tattoo-covered Russian mobster with a conscience.  It's a film that probably deserves a second viewing, if only to think about some of the moral issues it raises.

Once is easily one of the most moving and beautiful films I've ever experienced. Billed as musical, it's the story of two musicians in Dublin and the connections that music brings into their lives.  It is not a typical musical; there are no dance numbers or over-the-top silliness.  Instead, there are authentic and haunting songs that capture the emotion of the characters in the film.  As a musician, I absolutely loved the music in the film (the two main characters are real-life songwriters who wrote all the music for the film).  As a lover of movies, the film exhibits a genuineness all its own.  The music and the cinematography go hand-in-hand the entire film.  I can imagine that not everyone would appreciate a film about music (i.e. people who don't like music), but I loved the story about people becoming connected through creativity.  I will have to buy the soundtrack this week.

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