Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some News...

I have some news! I have just been offered and accepted a full-time job at Food for the Hungry! For the last two months I have been working there part time, and though I have enjoyed having some extra time to relax and get settled here in Mesa, I decided that it was time for me to go back to working full time.
There were a number of reasons like the desire to save for the future, the fact that I will receive health benefits (which we already have from Red Mountain, minus dental) Food for the Hungry will provide dental for both Joel and I. But I think the bigger reason that I accepted this job is the fact that I have truly come to love my job and the organization that I work for. Every day I go to work and get to look at hundreds of pictures of children around the world that I get to help. I work with a great team of people both in the Child Sponsorship Department and the whole Food for the Hungry U.S. staff. I have enjoyed conversing with our field staff (staff oversees) and hearing and seeing their desire and passion to help the children in their own countries. I am blessed to be working with this organization and I am excited to be more involved and have further responsibilities.
My job will look a little different, but I have been filling in since the previous person moved to a different department so I will just continue doing what I have been doing the past few weeks, just on a full time basis.
I am a little sad to give up my Fridays (Joel also has this day off), but I think that I will be more productive with my time now.
Also, my sister and mom made it to Africa! Thanks for those of you that prayed!


  1. Wow, Katie!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Know you'll do super well, I'm so very proud of you. Things are going well here. Love ya mum