Friday, January 18, 2008

Winter Retreat this weekend

Tomorrow, I am leading my first weekend winter retreat at Red Mountain.  This retreat will be a lot different than any retreat the junior high group at Red Mountain has done in the past.  Events for junior high were big: big camps, big bands, big speakers, big stage, big games, big everything.  This weekend, we're taking it small.  Just our group, having times of reflection in Scripture, small groups discussing what it means to live in Christian community, and enjoying one another's company in the hills of Prescott.  It will be a big change for our students, hopefully one that they are eager to embrace.

Change requires patience, and I believe this change is a small step in a healthy direction. Please be praying for us this weekend!

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  1. That will be totally awesome. It's so totally amazing how God allows the Holy Spirit to speak to us through small events just as powerfully as big events...yet, completely different. Could be majorly life changing or sustaining for someone! I'll be praying!