Thursday, February 21, 2008

A child...

Today was a big day for me, finally after about three months of indecision I have finally decided. On what you may ask? On a child... to sponsor. In my job I see pictures of over 100 children a day that are waiting to be sponsored. These children are from all over the world and for the life of me I could not decide. I felt like if I chose one that I would be not choosing thousands of others. The decision was just too much for me. I tried to chose randomly, but I still had this feeling lingering.

About three weeks ago I started a Bible Study for Junior High girls. The topic of sponsorship came up and all the girls decided that they wanted to sponsor a child. They told me they wanted it to be a girl around 8-10 and they asked me what country was most in need of sponsors. I told them both Bangladesh and the Philippines. They asked me to bring them some pictures. A week later I brought them about 8 pictures and they narrowed it down to two, both from Bangladesh. Ironically, this is a country I have felt drawn to since I started with Food for the Hungry. Today at work my co-worker held the two girls behind her back and made me choose a hand. I know it seems juvenile, but it was the only way I was going to make a decision. I chose her left hand and in it was a 10 year old girl named Tanzina. She is beautiful. One of my other co-workers said she was still struggling to decide on a child to sponsor, she felt very similar to the way I felt, so I said "here you sponsor this girl" and I handed her the other little girl from Bangladesh that had been in the right hand. So in the end, both girls are now sponsored.

So Joel and I are officially taking on the sponsorship of Tanzina but my Bible Study girls will help. They are very excited to write to her and receive letters from her.

I love where I work, every day I encounter hundreds of faces, they are not just pictures, they are children around the world who lack education, food and clean water among a host of other things. My goal as I work with Junior High girls is to give them just a brief glimpse of the world that they live in but think so little about. A world that is filled with millions and millions of children that are less fortunate than they are. I hope to share with them stories and pictures as well as my heart for these people around the world who go to bed at night wondering if they will eat the next day. Here in the suburbs of Phoenix as well as so many other places in the United States it is so easy for us to get caught up in the problems of our daily life and forget that we have been called to something bigger and have been blessed with what we have even though to us it seems like so little. There is always something bigger and better to buy.I thank God that every day I am reminded of these children, everyday I see their faces. As I go about my daily tasks that can sometimes be mundane I try to take in every face, sometimes I try and think about what their personalities are like based on their pictures, many times I pray for them by name. As we correspond with Tanzina I will share about her and her life in Bangladesh with you. We are excited to build a relationship with a little girl, to give her hope and to maybe one day meet a child whose life we can change, what is just change to us each month is the hope of a future for her.

If you would like to sponsor a child, see this page to find out more details. If you are not able to, you can always join us in praying for Tanzina.


  1. Katie- that was so beautifully written and poignant. You are quite the woman and I see God's hand all over you! Thanks for moving me and reminding me of my own gravitation towards stuff. I know God is already using you with your girls.

  2. Hey Katie (& Joel!) I stumbled across your blog through multnomah's site and I was in a bunch of classes with you Katie (my name is Christi Tate, now Grove). I think we had relationship class together? Well anyways, what's cool is we just moved to Phoenix a year and a half ago for my husband to teach. Small world! It's cool reading your experiences here as we've had quite the same! Here's our blog even though not updated much:
    My email is Talk to you later! Also, I think one of my past co-workers works at Food for the Hungry: Nick Carmody--know him?