Friday, February 1, 2008

The Evolution of a Blog

It is interesting to see the evolution of our blog. At the beginning, it started as a blog giving people updates on my life as I searched for a job. It was mostly read by friends and students in Portland. As we transitioned into our new life in Arizona, it became more of a blog of my thoughts on youth ministry, emerging church, and different books I was reading. The readership expanded to our families in the northwest, as well as fellow youth ministry bloggers. (The Mayward Blog was somehow noted as the Youth Specialites Featured Blog during this season). As time has passed, my passion for the beauty of film has recently been included in my blogging habits. The readership shifted once again, this time including movie lovers. Most recently, the blog has taken a turn for the humorous, including links to videos about pooping and stories about awkward robot dances.

It is always interesting to see where we've come from so that we can better know where we're headed. It seems that my blog matures as I mature, grows as I grow, and changes as I change. I am intrigued to see what I'll be blogging about in a few months.

1 comment:

  1. i have to say, this blog actually gave me the idea for my husband's valentine's day gift...

    ...i've been a faithful blog reader for awhile now, and the many blogs about movies inspired me to get my husband (a movie lover) netflix for a year! we are LOVING it...thanks for the inspiration, joel!