Monday, February 11, 2008

A Grand Weekend

Stef, Scott, Brian, Kristy, me, Katie
Snowy Grand Canyon: A beautiful work of God's creation
Yep, I love her.

This past weekend, Katie and our friends--Scott, Stefanie, Brian, and Kristy--traveled north to the Grand Canyon. Here's some of my reflections on our weekend.

Friends are grand: I love having my closest friends around! Nowadays, in a society of individualism and shallow relationships, having people in my life that know me deeply is so vital. We had some awesome conversations this weekend about marriage, church, jobs, kids, and everything in between. Having solid friendships takes time and shared experience, so it was a blessing to have these friends in our lives.

My church is grand: This weekend solidifies my deep respect and appreciation for my church community! Having my closest friends come and experience Red Mountain Community Church for themselves was a bit intimidating. How would they respond? How would our community treat them? What would be their impression? Here's the word that came up over and over again in conversation on Sunday afternoon: refreshing. I believe they were genuinely glad to be there. I am proud to be part of a community of believers that is continually described as refreshing!

God is grand: Brian and I had an ongoing conversation this weekend about the creation of the Grand Canyon. How did God do it? How did He get all the layers and levels and ledges to be perfectly balanced? What color palette did He use? Did it take millions of years for a river to carve out such an immense canyon, or did God just do it in an instant? We asked a lot of questions, only to come to this conclusion: God is big, and we are not.

The canyon itself looks like a painting; it almost seems unreal that something so vast and beautiful could really be before us. I was thankful to see it in the winter, with a frosting of snow on its ledges and trees. It truly is a beautiful sight, and I want to go back to hike it some day soon.

We also had a great time doing lots of other things together, like: bowling; watching Michael Clayton and an IMAX movie about the Canyon; playing Scene-It; throwing a weird gyro toy that Brian brought; eating at Filiberto's; and laughing a lot. 

I love our friends, and I am excited to see how God matures our friendships in the years to come.


  1. so glad you guys had such an awesome weekend and that you have such great friends. love the pic of you and katie!

  2. wow, the grand canyon. I've been there a few times. Always feel close to God when I'm there.