Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Heart Arizona Scenery

I write this post from the hotel near the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. I'm up here with my wife and my good friends, the Humphreys and the Chases. It is very cold and snowy outside--it snowed about 2 feet last week--which makes for some very pretty scenery. As we were driving up here, I was taking in all the different parts of nature Arizona has to offer. I don't normally thinking of snowy mountains or forests when I think of Arizona, but there is such a wide variety of climates and environments here. Up here near the Canyon, there's snow and trees and wildlife. It reminded us more of Alaska than Arizona. I'm starting to see Arizona as a very beautiful, scenic state.

I'll show you what I mean when we post up some of our pictures of the Grand Canyon! It's unreal.

1 comment:

  1. so glad you guys have been able to break away and share the beauty of AZ with your friends...

    may He refresh your souls and show you more of Who He is by what He's done. blessings...