Saturday, February 2, 2008

An interesting Saturday

Today Joel and I were supposed to go to Sedona with Jake and Rilie Norton... the key word in that sentence is supposed to. After our Christmas dinner last night with the pastors and elders from RMCC, Joel started feeling sick on the drive home. The last 24 hours has pretty much been brutal. He must have eaten something that had either peanuts or soy or some variation of one of those, because his symptoms were very similar to the time in Japan that he at the mysterious white pudding, except that this time was worse. It is difficult being a helpless wife, it is also a great test in selflessness when your spouse is sick. Neither of us really slept last night, though Joel slept most of today. Please pray that he would regain his strength and be able to keep something down. Maybe one day we will make it to Sedona, we have been attempting this trip for a month or so now...

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of a new Junior High Girl Bible Study that I will be leading. It will be a six week series on the book of Philippians. So far nine girls have expressed interest in coming, so hopefully they will all show up tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.

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