Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Preaching from the KJV

This is bizarre. In the King James Version of the Bible, the term "pisseth against the wall" is used six times. This sermon from a pastor in Arizona made me both laugh out loud for being ridiculous, but also feel frustrated that he is representing Jesus.

Also, check out his bewildered look from the church's website. I'm not sure how to react to Christians like this. I feel somewhat embarrassed by them and for them. Yet I also want to believe that we are part of the same body of Christ...they might just be a weird part, like the appendix or the little ear flap that holds your ear phones in (it's called the tragus). Not sure what to think. But I do know that we need to strive for unity in Jesus and seek the kingdom of God. 

Then we can be men that "pisseth on the wall" together.


  1. Hey Joel!

    I am a MAN who will pee standing up! Yes, That's right! I will not pee sitting down! No real man does that! HA! I just don't know if that is sound hermeneutics! nope, I know that it is not! Well buddy thanks for sharing this video, and keep peeing on the wall my friend!


  2. Scott-
    I am glad that you are a real man, because the Bible and this strange pastor said so. :)

  3. "The editors of the NIV pee sitting down"