Sunday, February 3, 2008


I wanted to give everyone an update on Joel since a number of people have asked me how he is doing. He has been up a lot more today, mostly because he slept most of yesterday and all of last night. He has not really been able to eat anything today, so he is going on 48 hours of nothing in his stomach. He has eaten a banana today and part of a yogurt. He tried cereal and that did not feel good. The ironic part is that chicken noodle soup would be good except for that most cans of chicken noodle have soy in them.... Besides being weak, he is at least awake. He is watching the Super Bowl right now. Pray that he would be able to keep something down tomorrow.

On another note, I had my first Junior High girl Bible study today. It went really well! There were 9 girls and it was great to share with them how excited I am to be studying the book of Philippians with them. This week we are reading Philippians 1 five times (one time a day for five days) and answering some questions, I will let you know how next week goes.

A highlight for this week is that we have some very dear friends coming to visit at the end of this week. Joel's best buddies Brian and Scott are coming with their lovely wives Kristy and Stef. We will be headed up to the Grand Canyon for some great fellowship! We are excited to catch up with them and spend time with people we love dearly!


  1. well, if the pats losing the superbowl doesn't make him feel better, i'm not sure what will...jk jk :o]

    that sounds pretty awful!

    but, how exciting about your Bible lead such a cool and balance life. and a late but large congrats on the full time position!

  2. i will pray joel starts feeling better soon... and have fun with your visiting friends... as you know... relationships are forever...


  3. Sorry that Joel is not feeling well. Was it confirmed to be because of his allergies, or was it your basic food poisoning? I hope he's better by now.

  4. We don't think it was food poisoning because there were 30 of us all eating the same thing and no one else got sick, we think there was a sauce on the salmon that may have had some nuts in it.