Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What's a Bloggie, anyway?

I have been reading through some of the blogs nominated for the 2008 Bloggies (yes, they actually do have award shows for blogs now. No relation to The Dundies.).  The most interesting category for me is definitely the best teen weblog nominees. I am intrigued by the identities that teens choose to create and share in online contexts. It's always interesting for me to read the MySpace and Facebook accounts of students I know. 

With the advent of the online community, teens have a new avenue to create and express their developing identities. Teens have the opportunity to create an online "self" that can be as accurate or inaccurate to their "real self" as they would like it to be. For the most part, people portray themselves how they would like to be seen by others. I believe that adolescent identity formation in the 21st century has been drastically affected by technology. I wonder what the long-term effects of this will be. What are the possible consequences in having the capacity to, literally, be anyone you want to be via MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, SecondLife, blogs, and any other form of avatars?

Reading through these teen nominees' blogs has been an insight for me into how these teens choose to share themselves with the online world. It causes me to ponder about the identities of the students I am ministering to, and how technology is influencing them. And it leads me to conclude that the word "Bloggie" sounds like a strange derogatory phrase. As in, "Ah, man, my cat just bloggied all over my basketball shoes!"

Check out the 2008 Bloggies here.

(thanks to YPulse)

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