Saturday, March 22, 2008


Girlfriends have always been very important in my life and even more so since I got married. This was probably the hardest transition in moving to Arizona for me. I left Portland, where 4 out of 5 of my closest friends live. These five women have been an extremely important part of my life for many years ago, they were standing next to me when I made the biggest decision of my life. Last weekend one of these girlfriends came to visit. I have know Christi most of my life and she is an incredible inspiration to me. I think I needed last weekend, it was so refreshing. We ate a lot and shopped a lot, and amidst it all had some great conversations. This next weekend I am going to Boise for one of these girls weddings. I met Erin in college, just a few days into our first semester, we have been close ever since, we walked through a lot together in college. I am excited to see her get married next week, it is an incredible step for her and I am proud of her. I will be in Portland for 20 hours on my way to Boise and I get to spend time with my sister, Christi and my roommate from England, Meagan. Ironically, Meagan and Christi are going to be sister in-laws soon. Meagan met her future husband at my wedding. I am always surprised at God's timing. Meagan and I were inseparable in England, and God knew even then that she would marry Jon, a friend of mine since high school and Christi's brother. I am excited for August when we will be back in Portland to see Meagan and Jon marry. These two have both been very important in my life.I will see my sister this next weekend. She is the other half of my heart. There is some bond between sisters that is hard to identify. She and I have not lived near each other much since she turned 18 and yet that bond will never go away. This will be my first time seeing her since the beginning of October when we moved. I am very excited.

All of this to say that Arizona was a hard move, the first few months were incredible lonely for me. I kept thinking, will I ever have girlfriends down here, maybe never the same as the girls I have known for most of my life, but maybe close? This morning I went out to breakfast with two women. This is the second time we have gone out and we have now decided to make it a monthly ritual. We talked and laughed for two hours. These women are both gentle and encouraging, we can share about life. These women were friends before they even knew me and yet they have graciously allowed me to be a part of their friendship. I have to say that God is good, He knew the people who would build me up and that I could in turn support. One of the highlights of my months now are these breakfasts. We are going to try new breakfast places every month, I am so excited for these adventures. I am excited to get to know Rilie and Michelle better in the years to come. I am so thankful for my move to Arizona, I was challenged in my loneliness and I got to meet these women. God has blessed me with so many great girlfriends in my life, some live across seas, some live across the street. Each play a unique part in my story.

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