Thursday, March 13, 2008

Movies I Have Recently Viewed

Be Kind Rewind: A whimsical film about creativity and independence. Two guys at an independent video rental store remake--or "swede"--all the VHS tapes they accidently erased using whatever they can find. Not quite as laugh-out-loud funny, but it brought up nostalgic emotions I haven't felt in awhile. It literally made me feel like a kid again, creating my own world and having fun doing it. And as for content, it was very clean. I would highly recommend it. (It was on my top 10 most anticipated films for 2008)

Into the Wild: Why this wasn't nominated for more Oscars is beyond me. The film is about a young man's spiritual journey to find freedom and truth, ultimately leading him to the wilderness of Alaska. This film has some great spiritual truths, including the spiritual element of creation and the value of relationships. Sean Penn has an eclectic directing style; he uses a great number of different techniques to tell the real-life story of Chris McCandless. Plus, the soundtrack is amazing--Eddie Vedder definitely should have been nominated for an Academy Award. The only downer is a few awkward hippie nude scenes (not really sexual per se, just a bunch of naked hippies). A great rental, and I'll probably buy the soundtrack.

Vantage Point: This is a 23 minute story told in 90 minutes, making the film seem unbearably long. It's a terrorist thriller story told in repeated flashbacks with a number of character's points of view. There were lots of repeated scenes, which made the film feel slow-paced. Lots of random shots of SWAT snipers on roofs. The performances were pretty wooden and poorly done (Sigourney Weaver's performance in particular was not her best). It felt like a cool concept, only poorly done. The only redeeming part was a car chase near the end, which was unfortunately extremely unrealistic. I watched this with the pastoral team from RMCC, which was lots of fun. But I think I enjoyed spending time with them more than I enjoyed watching the film.

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  1. I'm glad you liked Be Kind Rewind. I thought it was really well-made, and I didn't even think about the clean content of the movie. Also a big plus.