Monday, March 17, 2008

Rock Band Rocks

This morning, I was initiated--I played the video game Rock Band for the first time. Rock Band has guitar, bass, drums, and a singer playing simultaneously. It might be one of the best community-building games I have ever played. You take different people, hand them fake instruments, and place them in front of a screen with constantly flashing lines and colors. That's all it takes for four people to become forever bonded in the glory of becoming a fake rock band, even if only for one song. I played with a few high school students before we went to help work on the youth room at the church building. Even though I've never hung out with them before, by the end of the morning, we were definitely friends.

Rock Band is also a decent way for a person to learn to the play the drums. While the guitar instruments don't really teach much technique, the drums are set up in such a way that a person would have to learn how to do the basics properly in order to do well at the game. They must have rhythm with both hands and feet; they must be able to keep a groove with the song; they must be able to come back into the basic beat after a fill. Not a bad basic teaching tool!

Rock Band rocks. I now know what all the hype is about.

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