Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sedona Take 2

Today we made our second attempt to go to Sedona and we were successful! We met up with Jake and Rilie and drove the two hours north to Sedona. We were definitely surprised at how quickly the landscape changes. Everything is brown until bam.... everything is red. It was a beautiful day, in the mid 70's in Sedona. We at lunch at a sandwich place and then had ice cream and coffee to round out the day. They had a lot of small independent unique cafe's there which was really fun. We also had great fellowship with our friends. It was good to just talk life, ministry and have a bit of fun while we were at it. 
Update on my health really quick. Thanks for all of you that were praying. I am finally on the road to recovery I think. After dealing with strep, a cold, laryngitis and a possible sinus infection, I am finally getting better. I lost my voice for three days and this was an incredible challenge for me. Being sick made me really slow down and just rest. I continued to work, but I took it easy. I still seem to have a sore throat which is kinda weird, but I am feeling much better than I did just one week ago. 
I am tired though. So I am going to bed. I will post pictures of Sedona when we get them from Rilie, we forgot our camera and she is a photographer anyway, so they will be much better than ours would have been. 

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