Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Teaching Sabbath

Last night, Mark taught at our junior high worship gathering about elevating your spirituality. Since having come on board as junior high director, I've been consistently teaching both Sundays and Wednesdays for six straight months, with only a few breaks. But starting last night, the teaching schedule has given me a bit of a teaching sabbath--next week is spring break, and for the following 3 weeks, Gus the Intern will be going through his own teaching series (which I am very excited for). So I won't be teaching the junior high students on Wednesdays for almost a month.

I love teaching. I love the entire concept of education and learning and growth and maturity and transformation. But every so often, I need a break. It's good to take some time and clear my head. My wife can attest that my brain is constantly thinking about what I am teaching about and how to communicate the truths of Scripture and Jesus to others. I'd like to give my brain a brief rest and just take a few weeks for reflection and renewal. I tend to forget that God designed us to rest in Him instead of constantly work for Him. If I'm completely drained from constantly going, there's not much I'm going to be able to give to others. You can't give more energy or wisdom if you've already given it all away and haven't been renewed. It's gonna be a good time to rest.

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