Saturday, March 8, 2008

We're going to Latvia!

Yes, it's true. This summer, a group of high school students from Red Mountain will travel to the eastern European country of Lativa. Katie and I will be joining them as part of the leadership team! We will be partnering with Josiah Venture, a missions organization devoted to youth ministry in eastern Europe. JV was started by Dave Patty; he is brother to Steve Patty, one of my professors and a major influence for me. The country leader of Latvia, Scott Runzo, is a former youth pastor at RMCC. One of the high school youth staff, Nick Fletcher, also recently joined the Latvia team in November 2007. We'll be traveling to the capital, Riga, as well as the smaller town of Jelgava. The team of students will be leading an English camp near Jelgava, building relationships with Latvian youth and the JV team.

Katie and I are both so excited to be a part of this trip! We'll be gone from mid-July to early August. We'll post more updates as the trip approaches. Please be praying with and for us as God prepares us for Latvia!


  1. Both Sydney & I are so jealous!!!!Say hi to my sister Lisa & bro-in law Scott Runzo. You will have a blast! Sydney & I went to Latvia 2 years ago. I wish we could go again.

  2. Betsy-
    We will definitely say hi to the overseas relatives! I'll ask Sydney about her Latvia experience when I see her next! We're very excited.

  3. And by "Lativa" I meant "Latvia."