Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dear God

This is a very interesting new site that I was alerted to via two sources--CoolHunter and my good friend Jon. It's a site devoted to written prayers to God, regardless of religion, beliefs, etc. Some of the prayers are tragic and heartbreaking; others are brutally honest and provocative. Each prayer is connected to a stunning photograph that perfectly captures the image of the prayer. 

I find that I have mixed emotions when reading the prayers. I am excited that people are genuinely turning to God in the midst of their pain and struggles. I am also burdened that they are not quite there, that they might be praying to the wrong god, that they might not find the hope they are so desperately seeking. They are so close, yet so far. I pray that those who are seeking find Him and that He answers them in their pain.

1 comment:

  1. thats so funny "the wrong god" - where is the right god? As long as people are praying and believing it seems the site is doing its job.

    thanks for the link - i'm a fan alreay