Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Heart Stumptown Coffee

The week before we moved from Portland to Mesa, I purchased three pounds of Portland's Stumptown Coffee. This morning, I sipped from a hot mug of Stumptown's Hairbender blend--an extremely rich blend of five different coffees from various regions of the world. It was, in a word, glorious. Stumptown offers some of the richest and most unique coffee I've ever tasted. While I would definitely not consider myself a coffee expert, I do know that I enjoy the rich flavor and culture that Stumptown offers.

While I am glad that one of Mesa's only Starbucks is about a mile from my church's building, I do miss the coffee house culture. I was used to having a variety of coffee shops I could spend an afternoon in, sipping coffee and reading or studying (as well as the 15 Starbucks within a one-mile radius of any location in the Northwest). I suppose I recognize why Mesa lacks this culture--who wants a cup of hot coffee when it's 110 degrees outside?--but am glad I brought three bags of coffee culture with me!

You can check out and purchase my favorite coffee here.

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  1. The stuff sounds good, man! I kind of want to order some now, Which reminds me, i still haven't had my morning coffee yet!