Thursday, April 10, 2008

An update on life in Mayward land

Today I have another friend coming (which is why I have been at work since 6 am so I can take some time off tomorrow). She was my co-worker at my last job. She needed a vacation and what better place than sunny Arizona! She flies in today and will be here until Monday morning. I never realized how convenient it would be for me to work right by the airport!

The last few months have been very busy, it seems like Joel and I trade off being sick and the responsibilities of taking care of the sick one and the house. We are praying daily for a season that we would both feel healthy. We have also been swamped with visitors. Almost one every other weekend. And on top of that I took a trip north. This is a lot when a majority of youth ministry happens on the weekends and we have to try and balance ministry with visitors. I am also teaching my second round of Bible Study, we are studying First John and Joel and I are preparing to go to Latvia, this means team meetings etc. On top of all of this we both work two very full time jobs and I swear I work at least another part time job being the wife of a Youth Pastor. But life is good, we both love our jobs and every minute of the busyness is worth it.

Another update, I am still running. I had to take a few weeks off when I was really sick, but I have started up again. And pending my knee feeling better I am planning on running an 8k on May 3rd with Candace. Don't worry it is a night run, so it should only be in the 70's to 80's (not the 100's like it will be in the day) I am really excited about this and cannot wait. So at this point I am running almost every day. An 8k is only 5 miles so I am not really stressing it.

That is a brief update on our life at this moment. Time is flying. We have already been here for 6 months and it is strange how quickly it has gone. This has become home very quickly. It has definitely taken getting used to and there are some things we still miss about Portland, but God has been good, we love our jobs, we have met so many incredible people and we get to be close to some longtime friends that we love.

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