Friday, May 30, 2008

Crazy summers in Youth ministry!

As Joel and I have been reflecting on our calendar for the next few months we have been overwhelmed with one thing, we are busy! Beginning June 8th with summer camp, we have a big event or trip every other week including Summer Explosion(VBS), Basketball camp, Latvia, Paris, Portland, South Dakota. So let me give you a brief synopsis of our summer so that if we don't blog very much you will know why.

Summer camp- Joel is busy working on the last minute details of summer camp that is in just over a week. Please remember to pray for him as some of the details are harder than others. We are excited to spend a week with our Junior High students in Big Bear, California and just live life with them, sleeping in cabins, eating in cafeterias and I am sure playing a lot of ridiculously crazy games!

Summer Explosion- This is our VBS for the children of RMCC and the surrounding community. It is in the evenings and we will be involved with this with our Latvia team. This is the last week of June.

RMCC Basketball camp- This is a new thing that RMCC is doing this summer. It will be a basketball camp for kids in the community and will be at a nearby school. Since it is during the day, I, Katie will not be involved, but Joel will. This is the 2nd week of July.

Latvia- We are leaving on July 15th to head to Latvia with 13 high school students for two and a half weeks. There, we will be helping with English/Sports camps for Latvian high school students. We are really excited to meet students of a different culture as well as being stretched ourselves. This trip is coming fast and we are trying to get everything ready. Joel is speaking at the camp, please pray that he will be able to communicate well despite language barriers (he will have a translator). Also pray that the whole team stays safe. We are a little concerned with what Joel will eat when he is there.

Paris- After our mission trip to Latvia is over Joel and I have been given the opportunity to stay in Europe for an extra week and have a much needed vacation. Since summer camp falls on my birthday and we leave for Latvia on our 2 year anniversary, we decided to take a trip to Paris to celebrate both of these occasions. We will be leaving our team in Frankfurt as they head back to the States with Mark (thanks Mark!) We will take a train from Frankfurt to Paris and spend a week exploring all the sights and sounds of this incredible city. We have found a nice little hotel and are planning all the things that we want to see. I was in Paris four years ago, but I am excited to see it with Joel, this will be his first time to Europe so I am excited to show him the continent that I love.

Portland- In August we will be heading up to Portland to attend the wedding of our dear friends Meagan and Jon. This is an exciting occasion for us for a number of reasons. First, Meagan was my roommate when I lived in England and I have known Jon most of my life (He was also Joel's partner in ministry at our last church), so for them to meet (at our wedding) and fall in love is exciting. Second, it will be a little bit of a reunion for the EBC (church I grew up at) crew, we are spread all over the place now and it will be fun to see everyone. We are only in Portland for a limited time though since I am already taking so much time off work. Hopefully we will get to see everyone and do everything we would like to.

South Dakota- I am going to South Dakota this August for a work trip. I will be attending our largest festival of the year. These festivals are where we get the majority of our child sponsors. I am excited to see all of my hard work in the office play out on the tables at those festivals. This is labor day weekend.

So, this is a brief synopsis.... actually it is kinda long... sorry. But I just wanted to update you on the happenings in Mayward land.

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