Friday, May 16, 2008

Cyberbully Indicted

Mom indicted for cyberbullying a teen to death. The mom who created a fake MySpace account in order to harass one of her daughter's friends has been charged with conspiracy and harassment after the teen girl committed suicide, spurred on by the mom's horrible comments. (This is a follow-up on a past post about online identities).

This is one of those, "wow, I'm not sure what to think" stories. I am glad justice is being done, but I also feel a sense of compassion for both families involved. One family has lost a daughter; the other has lost a mother and wife. What's your response?


  1. I read this story a while back and had the same "wow" reaction. Being a mother of a teen myself I couldn't imagine ever doing something like that to another teen. The pain a parent feels for their child when they have been hurt is VERY hard to go through. For me it's different cause I do know the Lord so I can go about this in a more rational way. Prayer! Sometimes it's the only thing a parent has.

  2. Betsy-
    Glad to hear from a parent's perspective! This mom definitely took her pain in an unhealthy direction. Thank God there a more loving ways to handle stress and helplessness.

    By the way, hope life is going great for you and the fam! Katie and I were thinking the other night, we miss hanging with Sydney!