Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Good Weekend

Memorial Day weekend went a little like this:

-BBQ at Mark's place. We joined a few good friends from the Northwest for a BBQ, some pool volleyball, American Idol reruns, and some good ol' fashioned Wizard. Very fun times, though Candace was missed.

-Lazy Saturday. We had a very chill Saturday that included a quick trip to Ikea, the lamest REI store I've ever seen, and finally watching Nancy Drew. (More on Miss Drew in a later movie review).

-Monday Madness. Katie and our awesome friend Christiane joined me briefly at a pool party at the Mehan's, a family at our church. Their backyard pool is crazy awesome. It's like a theme park at someone's house. Check out the picture I took from my cell phone.

I'm standing on top of the boulders that cover the waterslide. The tree in the middle is probably 30 feet tall. Cool stuff. (No, I didn't go in. I am lame). Then I got sunburned and gave myself a haircut, in that order. Good times.

Overall, a good weekend spent with fun people!


  1. So... I tried to look at the picture that you posted, but it took me to my Gmail inbox.

  2. hey...where's the pic? :-) sorry we missed the party at the staples...:-)

  3. My bad. The picture didn't properly download from my email account. Oops! I think I fixed it.

  4. Wow. That looks awesome. Like the pool of a nice hotel resort.