Saturday, May 3, 2008

I did it!

I just ran my first 8k! It was an incredible experience. I have been running since December and besides being sick for over a month have been pretty consistent. It was all worth it! I am so glad that since December I have logged over 150 miles, because tonight as I was standing there with a couple hundred other people at the starting line waiting for them to say "GO" I was filled with an incredible rush! I ran with my friend Melissa and I am so thankful for her, we were both rookies at this and I was so glad that we did it together. The first two miles we ran together and pretty fast. At about the 2.5 mile mark I started feeling shooting pains in my knee... I had been afraid of this these past few months. Melissa took off at that point and I am glad because I wanted her to run as fast as she could and not wait up for me. As I hit the 3 mile mark I could feel myself struggling but I made a commitment to myself. I was not going to walk any of it. No matter what, I was going to run the whole thing even if it meant that at times it felt like I could walk faster than I was running. My goal before the whole race was to run 5 miles in less than 55 minutes. This would be 11 minute miles which is not extremely fast but I thought a good goal. 
I have found the last few months as I run, the first three miles are always the hardest. If I can get past these I can run forever. At 4 miles I knew I had it. I was feeling good. Besides getting a glass of gatorade when I was expecting water near the 4 mile mark that I preceded to dump all over my face because I thought it was water and instead found my face all sticky, the last two miles went really well. 
The fifth mile was exhilarating, I sprinted to the finish line and saw on the big digital clock that my time was 47 minutes! I had definitely beat the time that I had set for myself! And in fact I had ran less than 9 and 1/2 minute miles. At the finish line I saw off to the side my husband cheering me on. He was so supportive through out this whole thing and I was so glad that he was there as I crossed the finish line. 
The picture above was Melissa and I pre-race... I was not super stoked with the picture post-race. So I won't post that one.... I need to go to bed now.. but it was a great day. 


  1. You did so GREAT Friend! I was proud that you pushed through your pain and I had a great time with you. Too bad we didn't get a pic of both of us with Gatorade all over our faces =)

  2. i am so proud of you!! awesome time too! i enjoyed thinking of you guys on my sick bed at home =)

  3. Katie! Congratulations! 5 miles WOW!! I am So proud of you and excited for you!


  4. You go girl! I'll bring my running shoes with me this time and we'll get some pavement pounding in while I'm down there... :)