Monday, May 5, 2008

I Heart Communication

So I recently posted about two seminaries I've been checking out in the Phoenix area, specifically about getting information from them. I had some concerns about communication--too much and not enough. I was curious what response that post would bring.

I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised.

The first seminary--the one who communicated too much--responded immediately and cordially via email. It turns out I was on the emailing list twice, thus getting twice as much information as needed. They corrected the mistake.

Today, I received a phone call at my office from the second seminary, who apologized for their lack of communication. They saw that I had  been accidently put on the "received" list and sent me a packet of information, then personally called me to let me know that they were interested in me. They corrected the mistake.

I am seriously pleased with both responses. I hope that I didn't sound like one of the whiners at a grocery store or restaurant that always has to have his way. That's not my heart at all. And if that's how it came across, then my own communication needs some improvement too! I was trying to use a personal story to point out a deeper issue--the importance of balanced communication.

Thankfully, this story continued, bringing about another life lesson--taking responsibility for one's mistakes is a sign of maturity. They weren't major mistakes, and life would have gone on just fine if the seminaries had ignored it. But both chose to humbly correct the mistakes and made communication better in the process. 

Thanks to both seminaries for being proactive and helpful, it made a difference!

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