Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Season of Busyness

I'm busy. Yes, everyone could say that they're busy. So I'm not complaining or anything. But I'm busy nonetheless.

-Busy preparing all the details for leading a summer camp that I've never led before, including helping lead worship as the drummer for the worship band
-Busy preparing for a mission trip to Latvia in July
-Busy digesting 5 different books (not including the Bible)
-Busy preparing for an upcoming parent meeting and the incoming 6th grade students who will be 7th graders in less than a month
-Busy playing drums for a worship night tomorrow evening (Everyone is welcome, 7:00 pm at Red Mountain Community Church!)
-Busy trying to figure out the details for grad school, including taking the GRE test.
-Busy preparing my lesson from Ephesians for this Sunday
-Busy preparing a new teaching series for Wednesdays in May called "Jesus Goes to the Movies" (Jesus + Movies = Crazy Awesome)
-Busy hanging out with students, going to their baseball games, taking them out to dinner, etc.
-Somewhere in all this, I should probably hang out with my very gracious wife.

It's a busy season. But it's a good busy.


  1. Joel,
    Don't ever sacrifice your family on the alter of ministry and being to busy. Put Katie at the top of the list right under God. From a wife of a youth pastor who does that very right after learning the hard way.
    In Him,

  2. Trudy-
    Thank you for the encouragement, and for reading our little blog! I've been thinking about you and Nate in recent days, and hope your family is doing well in this season of unknowns.

  3. Thanks Joel, I appreciate your prayers and would love to meet you and Katie someday. Our unkowns are looking more known, so thank you for praying!! I love your movie reviews!!