Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Randomness

Just for fun, I'll share random interesting stuff about myself (or my wife) on Thursdays, with no rhyme or reason besides sharing a bit more Mayward on the Mayward blog.

This Thursday: Past Jobs

Paper Boy: When I say "paper boy," I don't mean riding on my bike on sunny afternoons throwing papers onto porches. I mean wandering around my neighborhood in subarctic temperatures at the butt-crack of dawn, being chased by dogs and creeped out by overweight men smoking on their porches (at 5 in the morning?). I think I lasted a year. But it gave me money, which is awesome for any 13-year-old.

Golf Driving Range: You know that golf cart that drives around and picks up all the balls on the driving range? The one everyone is secretly (or not so secretly) trying to peg with their newest driver? Yeah, I was that guy in the cart. Positives: racing golf carts. Negatives: mud. Lots and lots of mud. Whenever it rains in the state of Washington (which is about every 12 seconds) it creates mud. Which means carts and balls get stuck in the mud. Which means it was my job to remove said carts and balls from the mud. Not fun.

Papa Murphy's Pizza: My good friend Joe got me a job at this take-and-bake pizza place during high school. This might have been one of my most fun jobs, mostly because I worked with some of the funniest people I've ever met. We threw pizza toppings at each other, quoted stupid movies, and yelled random stuff at customers. I don't know why we weren't fired, except the customers thought it was funny too. I also enjoyed getting lots of cheap pizza. I even transfered to a Papa Murphy's in Portland my first semester of college, but quit soon after I called the boss on taking work time off to have parties and buy alcohol for minors. She wasn't too happy with that. P-Murph's in Portland = shady.

Charlie's Movers: My friend Charlie and his brother Dan started their own moving company through So off and on for about a year, I was a mover. We would load and unload U-Haul trucks for people. We were a pretty awesome team. As a skinny pale guy, I don't fit the normal mover body-type (i.e. stocky, muscular, facial hair, etc.). But I can carry a ridiculous amount of weight compared to my body type. I think I am part ant.

So if you ever need a paper on your porch, a golf cart washed, a pizza topping thrown, or a heavy dresser carried, I'm your man.

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  1. I remember that you were looking forward to Burn After Reading. Here is a red band trailer for it and it looks awesome. Warning: some swearing.