Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Colds and Faith

It's the week before summer camp, which means there's about seventy billion details to work out before Monday...and I have a cold. Traditionally, I will get sick either during or after a large ministry event (this past winter camp, I got some sort of illness for the final night of teaching and worship). This is likely due to the pressure and stress on my body of thinking through every little detail for an event and feeling the weight of responsibility on my shoulders. My immune system can't take the heat, I suppose.

My lame immune system also seems to be directly connected to my pride/humility. Every time I am sick, I am reminded that I am not unstoppable or all-powerful or the complete center of reality--but God is. The success of this camp doesn't rely on my abilities, but God's ability to use me and others to draw people to Himself. I just get to come along for the ride, healthy or not! There was a point in the middle of a sneezing fit around 2:00 AM while I was freaking out about who was going to lead tonight's youth group while I died from the cold virus, when the question "do you trust me?" randomly but clearly popped into my head. Do you trust Me? It's a tough question to answer. I'd like to say that I could answer with an emphatic "yes, of course!" but it's usually more like a "......yeah......." Despite my lack of an enthusiastic response, God seems to always come through and surprise me with how faithful He is when I am down for the count. 

I'm glad He's faithful like that, because this cold is not going away any time soon. Time for more DayQuil!

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