Saturday, June 21, 2008

My new look

This is my new look! I decided that since I had not gotten a new pair of glasses since before Joel and I met (over four years ago), that it was about time. I was also inspired to do this because of our quickly upcoming trip to Europe. There is nothing lamer than wearing your contacts for hours and hours on a plane and finding them plastered to your eyes when you wake up from your restless nap. So I went in this past week and got an eye exam and ordered these new glasses and surprise they arrived within two days. I have to say that I love them and I feel very studious in them.... 


  1. and might I add, you look very babe-alicious =)

  2. i love them, but i already told you at least twice. maybe your new nickname should be babe-alicious. melissa is right, it is fitting

    p.s. my puzzle needs your magical skills