Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reflections on the evening of my 24th birthday...

  1. I deeply value my family and friends.

The high light of my day was receiving all the texts and phone calls from everyone today. My mom and brother both sang beautiful ballads of Happy Birthday and my dad called me all the way from China to wish his not-so-little-girl-anymore a Happy Birthday. It actually brought me to tears just hearing his voice. Thank you everyone for the well wishes.


  1. I enjoy a good birthday shopping trip.

I went to H & M today in LA with a good friend and fellow pastors wife, Holly and had a lot of fun. It was definitely an adventure driving through LA with no idea where I was going. H & M is a European clothing store that I shopped at a lot when I lived there five years ago. The one here in LA is the closest one to us… Maybe one day we will get one in Phoenix.


  1. I get car sick.

I don’t remember getting car sick as a kid. In fact I remember that it was mostly my sister that would get sick. But man, driving up to the California mountains yesterday, then back down today and then back up was enough to do me in. Plus going up and down in elevation a number of times in just 24 hours. My body is going to take awhile to recover. Now if I could just get a good night sleep and pray that my stomach settles.


  1. Birthdays aren’t always about cakes, ice cream and candles.

Contrary to the joys of childhood and the years of having big parties with lots of presents, birthdays as an adult are most of the time just like any other day. I cannot say that today was like any other day, because in fact it was an incredibly difficult day for me personally. But it was great to get hugs from junior high girls as they said Happy Birthday.


  1. I am married to an incredible man…. Being a youth pastors wife is incredibly difficult at times.

We are up here at camp; my husband is the camp director for the week. Yes, that means he is running the show. This has been an incredible growing and learning experience for Joel and I have gotten to tag along for the ride these past few months and weeks. But because of this, I like most other Pastor’s wives I know (and I get to be a part of an incredible team of them) often times have to realize that we share our husbands with sometimes hundreds of people. It was very difficult for Joel today as he had to choose his ministry over his wife. It was the first day of camp and therefore very busy and stressful, it would have been selfish for me to desire that he spend every moment with me. But I had a realization today. Being a volunteer junior high staffer is nothing like being the wife of the Junior High pastor. I have done both; the latter is far more difficult. I am not sure that I truly thought about that on the day I said “I DO”.  I am still new to this journey and learning what it all looks like. Luckily I have an incredibly patient and loving husband who is willing to walk with me as we figure out this marriage and ministry thing together.

So all of that to say this…. Thanks for the birthday wishes… these are my thoughts as I reflect on the past 23 years of my life and as I enter my 24th


  1. i can't believe i have known you sooooooo many years now =) i am glad you got to go to h & m at least- even though i got left out of the party! sorry your special day was such a mix of emotions- it is a hard job you have- but i promise it gets easier; i have definitely had my days too (as you well know!) LOVE YOU TONS!!

  2. First of all Happy birthday again. Second of all I did not sing. Because I cant. And lastly you can help my future wife go through the same things you are going through now. I guess that depends on 1 if i get married, and 2 im a youth pastor...

  3. Candace, thanks for your understanding. I know of all people you do. H & M was the fun part and made it worth the trip down the mountain. And yes, me being 24 means that you have known me even longer now. By the way, I found myself being a little Candace this past week and teasing the girls just the way I remember you teasing us... it is quite fun actually! I convinced a girl I knew who she liked (though I had no idea) and then she ended up telling me cause she thought I knew... it was funny. Anyway, I hope to see you soon.

    Andrew, I would love to help your future wife if you so choose to be a Youth Pastor or even in any type of ministry. Don't get me wrong, I would not change anything about being the wife of a youth pastor. I love it, it just comes with its own share of difficulties and growth. I am thankful I have people in my life to help me walk through this and I would love to help your wife do the same.. I have faith that you will get married, because you are an incredible guy and a wife is a huge asset to a ministry. Second, I have thought for years that you would be an incredible Youth Pastor. I thought that even when you were in high school. I know that whatever you choose to do you will be great at. Love ya bro.